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Since 1967, Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman has delivered comprehensive financial services in the fields of music, motion pictures, television, sports, literature and other creative and performing arts.
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Tyson Beem, Los Angeles

Tyson Beem

Tyson Beem joined the Los Angeles office of Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman (GR&F) in 1998 shortly after graduating from...

Todd Gelfand, Los Angeles

Todd Gelfand

Todd graduated from the University of California Berkeley with a B.A. in accounting and is a member American Institute...

Jeff Gillman, Los Angeles

Jeff Gillman

Jeff Gillman joined Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman LLP in the New York office in 1989, transferring to the Los Angeles office...

Todd Kamelhar, New York

Todd Kamelhar

Todd Kamelhar earned his B.S. in accounting and M.S. in taxation from The State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany in...

Stanley Lim, New York

Stanley Lim

Stanley Lim has been a business manager for over 20 years and, with a very hands-on style, represents a stellar and varied...

Ronald E. Nash

Ronald E. Nash

Ron Nash joined Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman (GR&F) in October, 1979 as an intern in the firm's business management...

Richard Fisher Jr., Nashville

Richard Fisher Jr.

Rick Fisher joined the Nashville office of Gelfand, Rennert and Feldman (GR&F) in 2014 as a result of the merger Corporation...

Working together to provide outstanding service


Working together to provide outstanding service

Our people share a genuine enthusiasm for the company and its clients. Acknowledgement and appreciation are practiced daily, which creates a supportive environment where people feel valued and confident in their contributions to the company. If you’re interested in joining GR&F, please check out our current job openings.