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Business Management

We are a full-service business management firm with advanced resources. We provide a variety of accounting functions that are customized to suit each client’s needs including: budgeting, bookkeeping, personal account management, tour financial management, insurance assessment, financial statement preparation, tax preparation, consulting with investment professionals, and much more.

Tour Accounting

Across our offices in the United States and United Kingdom we administer tour finances worldwide, delivering immediate in-depth financial oversight to clients and non-client artists. From tax mitigation and compliance and budget projections, to cash management and income reconciliation, our touring department provides a broad menu of services to ensure complete financial clarity. We are also the only firm to employ full time traveling staff who work together with our established teams of business management professionals. These on road tour accountants provide benefits unsurpassed by our freelance counterparts including: contracted confidentiality, years of relationship building with key industry players and venues, plus the professional expertise of the firm’s umbrella of services.

Royalty Examinations, Contract Compliance & Valuations

GR&F has unparalleled experience conducting worldwide royalty, participation and contract compliance examinations involving recorded music, music publishing, merchandising, film production, feature film distribution, television programs, theatrical productions, book publishing, video games and other intellectual property rights. Our Royalty Group has frequently been asked to provide valuation, catalog sale consulting and financial due diligence services related to the sale of intellectual property rights. GR&F is also proud to be the exclusive accounting firm directing independent sales audits for RIAA Gold and Platinum certifications.

Royalty Administration

GR&F provides all of the services of a record label royalty department for many high profile independent labels, investment firm catalog owners, distributors and artists with direct distribution. These companies engage the label administration department to render timely artist, producer, side artist, JV net profit and mechanical royalty accountings. The GRF label administration department is staffed with experienced and dedicated royalty analysts offering personalized service to label administration clients. GR&F also maintains a specialized, dedicated group of team members devoted full-time to music publishing administration. On behalf of songwriter clients with their own music publishing companies, the group maintains a database of rate information, files copyright forms, registers songs with performing rights organizations, and issues music licenses in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada and renders timely statements for any co-publishing/songwriter obligations.

Tax Services

GR&F maintains professional relationships with tax authorities and experts throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Asia, and Australia. GR&F professionals conduct comprehensive, year‐round financial planning to provide clients with superior tax solutions. Specific focus areas include Federal, state, and local returns, central withholding agreements, FEU applications, quarterly tax projections, and IRS and HMRC audit representation. Together, relationships facilitate proactive mitigation and settlement of tax liabilities.

Family Office

GR&F offers the experience and technology to address the complexities of managing and sustaining wealth. By applying our proven methodology, we help clients stay on track toward stated goals and adjust to tax law changes, the economic environment, or personal circumstances. Just as important, our strict internal controls ensure that we proactively monitor our client’s wealth and mitigate future risks.

International Representation

We are the only full service business management firm with offices in both the United States and United Kingdom. This along with our international network of contacts enables us to provide international representation to clients on tax, business, and personal matters. From negotiating property purchases in Europe to paying projected tax liabilities in Asia, we help our clients feel confident about their life and business — wherever their passions take them.

Integrity is the common thread

It’s funny how sometimes the person who says the least, and makes the fewest promises, is the one you can count on the most.

We promise to help you manage your career, your business affairs, and your life with a level of professionalism, candor, discretion, and respect that distinguishes us. Beyond that, our reputation does our talking. The best in the business have trusted us for over 50 years.